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As I was walking home one day in 1996, I happened upon a garden of cauliflower that had been left in the ground over winter. I looked at it, and I knew. Faeries. I went home, fetched my camera and returned to the garden to photograph them. The photograph Faerie Circle is one from that first visit. That evening, when my husband came home, I could not contain my excitement. I told him that I had something to show him. He very sweetly obliged me, and I led him to the garden. I asked, “What do you see?” He smiled knowingly and replied with a question: "Faeries?"

Thrilled that he had seen what I had seen, I went back two more times. On my third visit to the group, I saw Evangeline. She appeared in an instant, and my eyes filled with tears. I was awed by her beauty, her grace, and her undeniably powerful presence. She was so alive. So real.

I fell in love with Evangeline right then - love at first sight. But it was only later that I came to believe that she had come to inspire me to pursue my creativity and to share my way of seeing with others.


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