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Seeing Evangeline is, as the title alludes, about bearing witness to mystery. It is about walking down the street and looking for the magic that may be right there in the bush beside you. For me, this book is about being in the moment and being present to all of the extraordinary wonders that exist in this seemingly ordinary world. These images are everywhere, waiting patiently for us to light them afire in our imaginations. If nothing else, these mystical figures take us outside of ourselves for a moment and allow us to find a touch of joy in what, before now, we have perceived as nothing. If we can find beauty and joy in nothing, think of what we might find in something. And who would not choose to welcome more beauty and joy into his or her life?

I wish to provide you with an opportunity to widen your reality and to think of nature in a new light. I also hope to inspire in you a heightened sense of adventure. I hope Seeing Evangeline will stimulate your imagination and your creativity, and will encourage you to think outside the box of everyday perception.  ...I hope especially that you will join me in contemplating death in its quiet repose. Who lingers there in the dead stalks of winter? Will you consider the super-natural? Will you believe in magic? Will you access the child within? Will you allow yourself to be transported in time and in space?


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